The Emmet County Lakeshore Association (ECLA) was formed in 1971 by friends and neighbors along the Lake Michigan shoreline in Emmet County. The purpose of the association is to promote the health, welfare and safety of the community, to educate the citizens on important issues, and to protect and preserve the natural beauty and environment of the Emmet County lakeshores.

ECLA is a registered nonprofit corporation and operates under established bylaws which are included in the Articles of Incorporation for ECLA. ECLA is governed by a Board of Directors consisting of members who are elected annually with the responsibility of determining the nature and extent of activities conducted in the name of the Association. We look to continue to build our membership (“strength in numbers”) so as to have more influence on issues which are of concern to our members and to promote our purpose.

As part of the August 1971 organizational meeting of the association, concerned citizens joined forces to discuss the impact of development in this area and the possibilities for preservation of the state highway which winds its way from Harbor Springs to Cross Village.

ECLA Today

Through the years, issues have ranged from property valuations to land use policy, from school funding to county zoning. The driving force behind ECLAʼs approach to any issue has been preservation of our resources and rights paired with consideration of long-term effects on the entire community.

Today, the foundersʼ original concerns are as timely as ever and through the efforts of its board and membership, the association continues its work to preserve and enhance the quality of life we treasure most.

Current ECLA issues

ECLA is presently focusing resources on the protection of our rights against claims in the Little Traverse Bay Band of Odawa Indians lawsuit. ECLA is a party in this case. Visit The Protection of Rights Alliance for more information and to provide support.