img_4536ECLAʼs founders envisioned the associationʼs role as a “federation” of existing associations-a group that would call upon all such property ownerʼs groups, both formal and informal. Your membership will bring added strength to this federation, an organization determined to maintain a lifestyle unique to our community.  Membership is open to anyone in Emmet County.


Members gain representation through the strength of an established and vocal association.
 Members receive news updates, voter information, association updates and messages from the board on a variety of topics important to property owners along the lakeshore.
 Members are provided information by a board that actively monitors local governmental units and reviews current and upcoming issues at monthly meetings.
 Members are encouraged to attend the annual membership meeting luncheon-an opportunity to share information concerns with the association and participate in an informative presentation of current issues affecting property values, water conditions and environmental protection and preservation.


Other than the ECLAʼs annual member dues, we have not been a fundraising organization.  Due to the large expenses in defending our rights in the LTBB Tribal suit, you may be contacted to voluntarily donate funds. We need you as members and we believe you need the Emmet County Lakeshore Association as a unified voice representing our area. We invite you to become a member of the Emmet County Lakeshore Association, a non-profit property ownersʼ association.


Annual membership Dues are $25/individual and $50/household. Please make checks payable to ECLA and return with a membership form to P.O. Box 277.  Please remember to include your full name, address, phone number and email so that we may contact you. “In unity there is strength”.


ECLA Membership Form (PDF)